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16 Aug Green Gamification @ITCILO

Games are suited to change the world for the better. Renowned author Jane McGonigal points out, “When we are playing games, we are tapping into our best qualities, our ability to be motivated, to be optimistic, to collaborate with others, to be resilient in the...

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01 Feb The Road to Formalization

As part of its mission, ITCILO provides participants with practical tools and approaches to promote the transition of informal entrepreneurs and own-account workers to formality, at local/community level with a view to improve, through a rights-based approach, productivity, income and protection for this important segment...

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01 Dec Game4Dev MOOC

A number of organizations are using gamification to train workers, educate students, solve problems, and generate new ideas and concepts. These organizations range from business schools to software companies, to government organizations and beyond. In almost every industry it is possible to find an example...

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