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Game elements

Challenges, Competition and Cooperation, Goal, Feedback


Alessia Messuti, Naima Pages. Socrative,com

Challenges, competition, cooperation, feedback, goal
About This Project


The ITCILO Centre’s main methodological reference is summarised in the Turin Learning Approach.  The Turin Learning Approach is a pedagogical framework based on the three pillars of the ITC-ILO’s learning strategy: relevance, quality and impact. The standards expressed as thirteen ingredients encapsulate common practices in all activities and create the recipe that differentiates the Centre from other learning and training institutes.

We take a learner-centred approach, and use the most appropriate and practical techniques for each case.


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The Training manager of a course on Employment policies taking place at ITCILO campus decided to improve the way assessment of learners’ prior knowledge was conducted. The traditional way of assessing learners knowledge was to rely on a set of multiple choice questions delivered to learners through a quiz format.

The reasons to change the format were the following:

  • Provide opportunities for learners’ cooperation
  • Provide opportunities for team competition
  • Improve knowledge retention through discussion
  • Allow teams to play simultaneously, avoiding to allocate too much time for knowledge revision
  • Improve engagement and attention
  • Make the experience enjoyable



We experimented the use of, a free web application that offers an easy and friendly experience to trainers to engage and assess their learners. Apart from live polling and quizzes, Socrative also allows for team competition, therefore we organized the Employment Policies Space Race!

The Space Race is one of the features offered by that allows turning an old-fashion quiz into an intergalactic trip.

The learning objective was to let participants assess their learning in small groups, review and reinforce the knowledge acquired during the training, while strengthening team cooperation in an enjoyable way.

The time allocated for the quiz was about 40 minutes.

Below a list of materials required:

  • 1 tablet/laptop per group;
  • Flipcharts where to provide the PIN codes for learners to access Socrative virtual room;
  • 1 big screen where learners can see their space rockets;
  • Internet connection